Young Learners

Lesson Plans for Young Learners

Young learners are particularly motivated by this topic.

They are fascinated by the natural world. Remember how you could play for hours by a rock pool or river as a child? This is the way they are.

They are also the one’s who will suffer most from ecological degradation, climate change and species loss, and have more of a motivation to put things right.

Points to bear in mind dealing with this topic with young learners:

  • Most important, nurture their fascination with the natural world. Make your lessons lead  them to the wonders of the natural world.
  • As kinaesthetic learners they love to touch the real thing. Use a small solar panel to set up a classroom experiment, or take them to the local park to do a plant survey. They will love it.
  • As visual learners they will love photographic pictures of nature, or wildlife documentaries and of course drawing their own interpretations of the natural world.
  • Focus less on the vast problems we face as it can make them feel despondent and powerless and lose interest.
  • Empower young learners. Help them feel they can make a change. See the lesson School Environment Audit, where they judge how eco-friendly their school is, and they make recommendations for improving it.

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