June 5th World Environment Day #CleanSeas Break-Up

Try this activity, watch a great video and learn lots of vocabulary on a surprising topic! It is for B1 learners and above, adult and teens. In it you will: Practice listening comprehension Learn collocations on the topic of relationships Discuss questions about what to do on World Environment Day. Just click on the pictureContinue reading “June 5th World Environment Day #CleanSeas Break-Up”

What do rising sea levels have to do with gin & tonics?

Outcomes You will watch a video for specific information and learn vocabulary on the topic of sea levels and climate change. Preparation Imagine you have a cool drink with ice. What happens to the drink as the ice melts – does it go up, go down or stay the same? Does the same thing happenContinue reading “What do rising sea levels have to do with gin & tonics?”