Zero Waste Cold and Flu Medicine

How to get over the flu or a cold the eco-friendly way Have you ever wondered if the medicines we take for a cold might not be the best thing not only for ourselves but also for the planet? Here comes YouTuber of Trash is for Tossers Lauren Singer with a solution! This lesson isContinue reading “Zero Waste Cold and Flu Medicine”

Why your old phones collect in a junk draw of sadness (level B2+)

Outcomes You will practice understanding advanced texts, vocabulary on the topic of climate change and increase understanding of an important issue. Preparation What do you think the ‘sadness’ in the title refers to? the waste from throwing away old mobile phones the memories associated with your old mobile phone the environmental damage caused by mobileContinue reading “Why your old phones collect in a junk draw of sadness (level B2+)”

Plastic Bags. To Ban or not to Ban

They make a mess in both town and country. Have you ever been to a beautiful place and seen rubbish everywhere? On the other hand, are they the biggest problem the environment faces? They don’t pollute the air or damage our lungs like car exhaust fumes, we can re-use them and recycle them. Whatever theContinue reading “Plastic Bags. To Ban or not to Ban”