What is the Paris Agreement? Turning Aspirations into Actions

What do you know about Paris? And what do you and your students know about the Paris agreement? Find out with this fun lesson, in which students B1 upwards will: Compare what they know on these topics Watch a video to find out about the Paris agreement improve their ‘multimedia literacy’ focusing on combinations ofContinue reading “What is the Paris Agreement? Turning Aspirations into Actions”

Fake or Fir this Christmas? #sustainable Christmas tree

I’m delighted to post a lesson by Tabea Heimbach, a teacher in Portugal with a passion for environmental issues. Over the last years, Christmas has changed from a peaceful holiday to a stressful period involving high consumerism and social pressure. As the end of the year arises it is time to reflect on our goodContinue reading “Fake or Fir this Christmas? #sustainable Christmas tree”

November – Black Friday or #BuyNothingDay?

Black Friday is coming. Did you know that for many people it is international Buy Nothing Day? Why do people choose this? Find out more with this lesson Suitable for classes B1 upwards. Learners will: discuss shopping habits analyse an image about Buy Nothing Day Persuade their friends to have a day without shopping ItContinue reading “November – Black Friday or #BuyNothingDay?”