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Eco Prize-winners

Albena Simeonova and Ruth Buendía both won a prestigious prize for their dedicated work against all odds protecting the environment and the people living in it from ruthless exploitation. In this jigsaw reading lesson we honour their achievements, discover how ordinary people achieve great things and focus on environment-themed vocabulary and talk about people we admire. This lesson can be used with B1 and above, adults and teenagers.

Download the lesson plan: Eco prize-winners

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Eco Achievers

It’s great to hear about people who have done great things. All to often high achievers in language course-books are the same business people, sports personalities and pop stars. Here is a lesson about high achievers in another field, conservation.

I worked in Morocco and Bulgaria, and tried to localise the topic. Try to find out about someone in your country and include them as it is more relevant to students if the topic is localised.

eco achievers


Hello world!

Do you teach English as a foreign language? Maybe you dread the chapter in the course-book on the topic of the environment, or maybe you are into the environment and you want to use it as a theme in your lessons.

Either way, this is the site for you! Regularly updated lessons for the ELT classroom on the topic of sustainability.

I am an English language teacher for the British Council. I am also an environmentalist. pride myself on producing motivating lessons on the topic of sustainability. Here are some of the lessons I have produced for the British Council’s learnenglish website.

Look forward to more exciting content soon!