10 October halloween

Halloween: green is the new orange

Are you getting ready for your Halloween-themed classes? You probably want to focus on the fun element, yet may also wish to look at reducing the environmental impact of the festivals we celebrate.

In this lesson your students can:

  • talk about Halloween
  • study an infographic about the waste created by Halloween
  • investigate ways to enjoy festivals while minimising the environmental impact

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10 October October 19th World Food Day

October 19th World Food Day for a #ZeroHungerWorld

Why not mark this day with this lesson on the topic of food and it’s impact on the world we live in? This lesson for teenagers and adults B1 and above includes:

  • personalised discussion on the food we eat
  • listening practice with a video about food and its impact on the environment
  • discussion on what we learn from the video
  • further information about World Food Day

Click below for the presentation which includes teacher notes

Classroom presentation with teacher notes
10 October

October 5th. World Teachers Day

A gift to language teachers from ELTsustainable

Bringing you a free online course to help you bring sustainability and environment issues into your class

Language Teaching for the Planet: Positive Change Starts in Class

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