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22nd April: Earth Day

How do we mark Earth Day while we are in a lock-down? This is the question that students address in this online lesson by Stefanie Ritch for her assignment in the online course ‘Language Teaching for the Planet’.

Ideal for teenagers and adults B1 above and designed for online teaching. Students will:

  • learn about Earth Day
  • engage with a poem by spoken word artist Prince Ea
  • discuss ways to celebrate Earth Day during lock-down

Here are the slides for the lesson:

Inspire your students to positively engage with environmental issues and sustainability on their language learning journey.

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10 October Activism adults age of learners B1 Black History Month history

October: Black History Month: I will be a hummingbird, by Wangari Maathai

this activity you will

  • Watch a video and practice listening
  • look at expressions for motivation, or lack of motivation
  • learn about an environmentalist who has achieved a lot

October is Black History Month, in which we celebrate the history, achievements and contributions of black people across the world in all areas of life. SustainableEnglish looks at the great Kenyan environmentalist Wangari Maathai, who founded the Greenbelt movement and won the 2004 Nobel peace prize.

For more, open the presentation on below and scroll down:

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