04 April Earth Day reduce, reuse, recycle: cutting down waste solutions

April 22nd: If you’re a kid … What are you doing for Earth Day?

Why not celebrate Earth Day this April in class? In this lesson for young learners, students of A2 level and above will:

  • Find out about Earth day and how it is relevant to them.
  • Learn vocabulary related to being green.
  • Practice listening with a great song about being green.

For the lesson here is a slideshow for classroom use, a lesson plan here, and worksheets here.

Why not use this version of the slides below if you have internet in your classroom?

Children: If you want to dance and sing along to this song while you do the exercises, please do! 🙂

Before the Song:

April 22nd is Earth Day. On this day people do things that are good for the Earth, such as plant trees or recycle plastic. What other things do you think they do? Make a list of 4 or 5 things.

While you listen to the song:

Are any of the things on your list in the song? Listen, and find out (by all means sing along and dance too!)

Language Learning:

Read these phrases. Listen to the song again. Which phrases are in the song and which are not? Put a tick or a cross.