28th March. Earth Hour

Bring the environmental consciousness of #EarthHour into class while listening to spoken word artist Prince Ea with this lesson for young learners, teens and adults B2 and above. Students will: Discuss the good and less good things humanity has done. Watch a video by a spoken word artist to check predictions. Watch the video againContinue reading “28th March. Earth Hour”

#Fridaysforfuture special: lesson plan

Did you know that school children across the world and in the UK going on strike on Fridays? Find out why with your students and: Read an authentic text with support Discuss what you feel strongly about Write a set of demands Read each others’ demands Level: B1 upwards Time: 60 – 90 minutes PreparationContinue reading “#Fridaysforfuture special: lesson plan”

International Women’s Day March 8th #BalanceforBetter

It is international Women’s Day soon. Why not celebrate women’s achievements this March using this touching lesson about Greta Thunberg, a Swedish girl who has mobilised thousands of young people to demand action on the climate emergency? This lesson will particularly appeal to teens but can be used with higher level adults and younger learnersContinue reading “International Women’s Day March 8th #BalanceforBetter”