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Who am I?

Owain Llewellyn

English Language Learners:

Here you can improve your English while finding out about the issues that affect our planet as well as us. Activities are based around the videos and infographics. Just follow the stages step by step. This will help what we teachers call ‘learner autonomy’.


Sustainability, environment, green issues. Some teachers sigh at the thought of that unit coming up in the coursebook.

Yet it’s a great topic for the language class if approached in the right way.

In the lesson Prize-winners there is a people centred perspective, looking at the great things ordinary people are doing to protect the natural world.

Train travel is a lesson looking at how an enjoyable holiday by train can replace one by plane, showing the enjoyable side to sustainable living.

In the lesson School environment audit, young learners enjoy the experience of making recommendations to their school on becoming more eco-friendly. They’ll love that.

My name is Owain Llewellyn and I am an English language teacher and teacher trainer. I am also an environmentalist.

This is my collection of  environment-themed lessons and self-study materials.

6 thoughts on “About eltsustainable

  1. Hi Owain – great idea and a good looking website! Well done and I look forward to trying out some lessons soon. Maybe see you if I’m in Porto or if you come to Lisbon. Keep up the good work Nigel

    1. Hi Nigel. I’m glad you like it. I’ll be glad to hear how you find the lessons.
      I’m working on one now which I hope to get up soon. I think it’s going to be a good ‘un, but others will have to decide that!
      All the best

  2. Hello,
    Thank you for the sharing, it’s a pleasure to read about these issues and to know that a english teacher is also someone with greater proposes in life 🙂
    Parabéns, é um privilégio conhecer pessoas tão belas nesta vida.
    Obrigada e força para um grande desafio que se aproxima – pequenos seres são sempres verdadeiros mestres de vida.
    Com carinho,
    Patricia 😉

  3. Hi Owain, This is great! I am working on my final project for graduate school, which is a curriculum for a French course based on sustainability and a school garden. I am wondering if you know of any peer-reviewed academic journal articles or books that talk about this type of language teaching? Thank you.

    1. Hi Gratia, I’m glad you like it. It sounds a very interesting project you are doing. Is it aimed at primary or secondary aged children? Actually, I don’t know of any peer-reviewed academic articles on this subject but I hope to meet someone from the Centre for Alternative technology this Christmas, so I’ll ask and let you know.

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