How to engage learners with environment issues: a webinar.

I’m delighted to be co-presenting this webinar with Milica from Alice in Methodologyland on a topic close to both our hearts:

Alice will focus on activities for young learners, and she has made a very impressive post of the activities that she will be talking about. What is particularly wonderful are the practical ideas that involve taking learning outside the classroom. Check it out!

I will focus on engaging teens and adults with environment issues in the classroom.

Join to find out just how useful a graphic image like this one below is in hacking lessons where you don’t choose the topic. Join to find out how I bring a focus on environmental issues even when I have had no time to plan. Join if, like me, you want to find out how Milica recreates the greenhouse effect in a jam jar!

Image adapted by author from this source: Double Pyramid – Dissemination – BCFN Foundation (

To join the webinar, just head over to the British Council’s TeachingEnglish Facebook page and join this Facebook live session from there.

Inspire your students to positively engage with environmental issues and sustainability on their language learning journey.

Join ELTsustainable membership and receive a newletter with articles, lesson ideas and updates.

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