Goal 4: Quality Education

Education is vital for its own sake, and it’s also vital in the efforts to overcome the environmental crises we face. This lesson focusses on the fourth sustainable development goal, Quality Education. In this lesson, aimed at B1 students and above, learners will:

  • read an infographic on the subject
  • investigate the importance of fact checking information to become more ‘information-literate’

The slides for this lesson are here:

Instructions for this lesson can be accessed here:

You can download the infographic for the lesson here:


Sustainable English Teacher Training Videos

Information Literacy

How can we raise awareness of Global Goal 4: Quality Education in our classes while supporting the development of ‘information Literacy? Find out here!

“The responsibility for after-the-fact checking now falls on users. Our students must learn to ask critical questions about information found online.”

Hockly, Dudeney and Pelgrum, Digital Literacies, Pearson, 2013

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