Extinction Rebellion: A Multimedia Website.

Have you and your learners heard about the “Extinction Rebellion” climate strikes that made the UK government announce that we live in a “Climate Emergency”? Find out more in this lesson for B2 and above. Learners will:

  • look at how multimedia elements (film, image, text, and sound) combine to create a strong message.
  • investigate how a website for an environmental action group uses multimedia to create a strong message
  • discuss a cause they think is important and make a website idea on paper to promote it.

The worksheet required is here for printing out and the slides are below:

2 thoughts on “Extinction Rebellion: A Multimedia Website.

  1. I put this comment on our IATEFL GLOBAL ISSUES SIG discussion list on Yahoo:

    eltsustainable.com is a site colleagues should well be exploring. Useful lesson plans on environmental issues and much more. GISIG will be moving toward a greater focus on environmental issues, environmental justice pedagogy in the days and months to come. GISIG members are invited on this list and FB to offer ideas, tips, mindshare. Feel free to speak up, discuss. The most current lesson plan at eltsustainable deals with the *Extinction Rebellion* protest event that recently rocked London in particular.

    1. Thanks for that, Bill. Much appreciated and glad you like the most recent lesson plan. I’m glad to hear of this move towards environmental issues and I’ll try to play a more active part in the GISIG.

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